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I am so happy to have met Alex, and am very thankful for the wonderful kitten that she has brought into our lives. He is not only beautiful, but is loving and curious and has brought pure Joy into our lives. We named him Leo, and it is clear that he was totally loved and socialized in a safe and caring environment. He is healthy and happy and at just a little over 4 months of age, growing into a gorgeous and regal boy! From the first contact with Alex, I felt confident that she was professional and knowledgeable about the breed, and very invested in making sure that any of her kittens would go to the right home.
Alex was able to offer advice and make things go smoothly, as we made plans to travel and bring Leo home. Everything was stress free and positive. I certainly would recommend Alex and the Steele Cats Maine Coon Cattery to anyone seriously looking to share their lives with one of her babies!
– Sharon W.

We have had our beautiful Alberto for almost 2 weeks. He’s a fantastic addition to our family! Our girls adore him! Alex has been a terrific resource for us. She is very invested in the breed and her kittens. I would highly recommend her to anyone. – Jami R.

I am writing this review while my absolutely gorgeous Maine Coon kitten is cuddled up next to me on the couch and purring. I have had her for over a month now and she is absolutely my new best friend. She fits perfectly into my little family of three and gets alone with my other 2 year old Maine Coon girl like a true sister. She has brought nothing but pure joy into our lives. Her wonderful personality it a true testament to the love and caring that Alex so clearly poured into her from the day that she was born (and even before then!). She is the most perfect Maine Coon companion and I am forever blessed to have met Alex and to have been entrusted with one of her babies. I can say with 100% confidence that Alex at Steele Cats Maine Coon cattery loves the wonderful Maine Coon cats that she produces with a passion that is unrivaled. Alex is not in this business for alternative reasons; she produces and raises these babies because she has a passion for Maine Coons and for creating wonderful companions for the right people who will love them as much as she does. Her caring is evident in every step of the process of getting one of her kittens; from the initial contact, to sharing pictures of the kitten periodically, to sending them home with a blanket with her scent so that they don’t feel scared in a new environment. My personal favorite part of the process was getting to watch my kitten grow though pictures and videos while I was waiting for her to be ready to go home. I definitely recommend Steele Cats Maine Coon Cattery to anyone looking to add the perfect Maine Coon companion to their life! – Jos S.

I love the experience and how Alex makes the wait fun. She messages with updates/milestones of our baby. She is a huge pet lover and it shows. We are excited to get our sweet boy soon. I know her and her family pour so much love into these babies and takes the time to socialize them and ensure they are healthy. She knows this breed well and can answer questions with ease. Rocky is the dream kitty. His temperament is so relaxed. At almost 13 weeks he snuggles, purrs non-stop, plays and was a rockstar in the car for 4 hours. 😽 He is healthy, well documented health records and registration was completed prior to my pickup. The special touch was Rocky left their home with his favorite blanky and toy to help him feel safe. But the hugs he got when Alex said goodbye made my heart happy. It was obvious again how much her and her family love these babies.
Steele Maine Coon Cattery has exceeded my expectations with how much they truly love these cats. It is not a moneymaker…its a true passion! I would never hesitate to tell my friends or family to call them for a perfect Maine Coon baby!! I feel like I have also gained a friend that shares my love of these gentle giants.
Thank you, thank you for our sweet little man
-Bea R.

From start to finish, getting Arktos from Steele Cats was amazing. Not only do I have an unbelievably gorgeous big boy, but I feel I made a friend in Alex, in the process. She loves what she does and pours her heart and soul into her cats. This is a small Cattery where each kitten is loved and socialized. I would get another kitten from them a million times over. I love that photos are so sincerely welcome because each cat is a part of her family and they are still loved even when they go to their new home. Thank you Steele Cats for Arktos. He has brought so much sunshine in my life when I needed it the most ❤️❤️ I’ll keep the photos coming! -Kelly K.

I LOVE my kitties. Azul and Avatar are the perfect pair. Alex raised these beauties to be super loving and sweet. They quickly settled into their new home and my daughter and I just love them. Playful, funny, sweet, soft, beautiful and full of love! Thank you Alex for trusting me to continue pouring love into your babies. -Savannah F.

We had a wonderful experience! We have a beautiful baby girl who has adjusted to our home beautifully! She is a wonderful addition to our family. The care and time Alex spends with these beautiful animals is very apparent. Her cats are not only beautiful, but also very social and loving. I accredit this to the time spent with humans and other animals in their loving home. Again, thank you for such a wonderful loving experience! Also, thanks for your patience for our delayed trip out there! Keep doing what you’re doing! Much love! – Tabby L.

This Lady truly has a passion and genuinely cares for all the Fur Babies that she nurtures and sends off to loving homes.Her knowledge and expertise makes her stand above and beyond other breeders. The amount of time and effort she puts in to each and every single Kitty she raises truly shows when you take your little one(s) home for the first time and they are so loving and playful and have all the qualities you desire in a Kitty companion.I would recommend Alex to anyone and not only would we work with her again, but I feel like I gained a friend at this Cattery. – Alisha M.

Working with Steele Cats Maine Coon Cattery was a VERY good experience! Alex maintains a level of knowledge and professionalism that assured me throughout the process that I had found the right breeder to do business with. I brought my kitten home one week ago and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Not only is she beautiful and adjusting well, she also has a great personality, hasn’t had any accidents nor bad behavior. Alex has prepared me and my family for what to expect from the kitten and educated us on the unique quirks of the breed. We can tell that Steele Coons actually cares about the health and happiness of the pets her cattery produces. – Christy R.

Highly highly recommend an Alex Steele Maine Coon kitten! Rio is the most social and coolest cat I’ve ever owned and I’ve had several! We are getting a second kitten from her in a few weeks. Alex sends pictures and videos every week usually more than one and has answered every single question I’ve ever asked! Alex is very passionate about all her cats and kittens and it shows. When I went to pick up Rio, her cats were all so loving. I’m so grateful I found her! ❤️ – Stacy W.

It was a great experience adopting our kitten from Steele Cats Maine Coon Cattery !! Alex was amazing to work with from the start She made everything from the application threw the pickup easy After we reserved our kitten Charlie , Alex went above and beyond to make us a part of his life until the day we picked him up She always gave updates, pictures and videos It made our wait to bring him home very enjoyable Any questions we had she was good at answering and had a lot of great advice too Charlie is a healthy, well trained and socialized gorgeous Maine coon kitten He is perfect !! We would definitely adopt from Steele Cats again !!! – Beth G.

I am so glad I found Alex and her Steele Cats cattery, bonus was that she was local to us. From the moment I contacted her, it felt like talking/texting with a dear friend. She answered all my millions of questions and regularly sent pics and videos of our boy. I have had cats my whole life but always wanted a Maine Coon and I have learned so much from her in the past months about cats in general and specifically maine coons. 💞You can tell she loves this breed, she gives those little ones so much love, time and attention,that when our little guy came home to us, he was so well behaved and loving from day one. I really can’t put into words how happy I am with our little Magnus amd I am planning on getting another one from her cattery down the road. For now I get to love on this adorable fluffball. Thank you Alex from the bottom of my heart. – Mandy J.

My husband and I just bought our first Maine coon from this Cattery and it has been such a great experience! Alex made the whole process and transition so smooth. She was so helpful with any and all questions we had! She knows anything and everything there is to know about Maine coon cats! You will not be disappointed as we are in love with our baby boy! We have had him for almost 3 weeks and he fits in perfectly. He is healthy as can be and such a confident kitten!💙😻 – Elizabeth R.

From the minute we talked with Alex it was constant communication and pictures! Anytime we had questions we were free to ask and have them answered throughly at any time…she is beyond knowledgeable about the breed and raises these cats as if they are her own children. The amount of love you get from a Steele cat is incredible and shows how much attention she gives them! Absolutely the best experience getting a Maine Coon that we have had so far (our 2nd Maine Coon, 1st from her) will absolutely get another kitten from her when we are ready! There are not enough words to express how happy we are with our boy!! – Elizabeth N.

I cannot begin to express how happy we are to have found Steele Cats. Alex is totally vested in raising healthy well adjusted kittens. She is accessible at all times to provide advice and is so detail oriented thatI knew we had picked the right breeder for our new kitten. Wish my other boys had come from a cattery like hers. Thank You Alex – Cathy H.

My wife and I have wanted a Maine coon for years. We did our research, evaluated all the breeders in our area, and decided on Steele Cats Cattery. We are so glad we did! Alex is extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply about her cats. She handles them from the moment they’re born and sent us weekly pictures so we could watch them grow. She was always available for questions (of which we had many!) and offered great advice that fit our lifestyle. Alex really stands out from other breeders in this way. In fact, we have had our kittens for over a month and she is still answering questions and providing support! We already had two senior cats at home, so we ultimately decided to adopt two kittens from the same litter. It was the best decision we could have made. Not only did they turn to each other for comfort during the transition to their new home, but they were very respectful of the resident pets when they arrived. Since they have each other to play with, introducing them to our home has caused no drama whatsoever. They are everything we were hoping they would be — beautiful, healthy, incredibly friendly, and HUGE! – Andrew B.