Our first litter of kittens has arrived June 2018!

  • Kittens will go home between 12-16 weeks of age. Don’t worry, your Maine Coon will still look AND act plenty “kittenish” at this age. We need the extra time with them to ensure they are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and well socialized.
  • All kittens will either be spayed or neutered prior to going to their new home. No kittens will be sold with breeding rights.
  • Declawing your kitten is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You will sign a legally binding contract stating you will never declaw your kitten/cat.
  • Reservation process- we encourage you to follow our Facebook page: Steele Cats Maine Coon Cattery. We will post once kittens are born, again when they are several weeks old (once coat patterns have been determined), and then again when they are about 6-8 weeks old. We reserve the right to hold back kittens to keep within our breeding program. Once kittens are 6-8 weeks of age, we will post which kittens are available and accept deposits at that time. Kitten reservation deposits are $400 and non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to deny reservation and/or purchase of any kitten to any person for any reason.
  • Exact pricing information will be released per kitten when they are 8+ weeks old, but we encourage you to plan for kitten prices ranging from $2,000- $3,000- per kitten.


Arrived June 23, 2018 | Litter A: Artax X Atreyu

Avatar | Female | Blue Mackerel Tabby with White – Option

Arktos | Male | Brown Classic Tabby – Option

Avalanche | Male | Blue Classic Tabby with White – Option

Azul | Male | Blue Tabby with White – Option

*Option means we are holding the kitten to assess their future breeding/showing potential – this kitten may still become available once they are closer to 12 weeks old and we can make a decision – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Plans for Breeding 2018

Arrives October 2018 | Litter B:

Morla X Atreyu

Arrives October 2018 | Litter C:

Empress X Falkor