You are what you eat, right? Well, it is no different for our amazing feline companions.

*IMPORTANT- cats need more moisture in their diet than water alone can provide- you MUST make a commitment to us to primarily feed a raw diet and can be combined with canned foods in order to meet this essential requirement in a cat’s diet.*

**Kittens will be started on the RAW diet and have some exposure to high quality wet commercial canned food. However, cats are finicky eaters and you will need to be prepared to maintain a raw diet as your kitten may not be willing to transition to another type of diet**

RAW We grind our own raw mix for the cats and they LOVE it! Our mixtures is: boneless skinless chicken thighs, chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, wild-caught salmon oil, Bone Meal Powder and Kitty Bloom VM 900+3 Vitamin supplements. Please do a little bit of research on “obligate carnivores” as cats’ systems are designed to process raw flesh.

The benefits of the RAW diet include:

  • Better absorption of nutrients so less waste = Less poop, formed stools, less smelly stools
  • Cats’ systems were built to process raw flesh- feeding raw allows better long term function of your cats’ whole body! They will have more energy in general and don’t tend to get overweight.
  • It’s cheaper! High quality wet and dry cat food runs upwards of $4-6/pound. You can usually make a high quality homemade raw mix for $3/lb.

Cooked/Canned Meat Etc You can feed most cooked low fat meats, low sodium chicken broth or your own homemade broth, canned chicken etc. Cooking the meat “denatures” it’s natural nutritional value for a cat- so we still truly recommend raw.

Canned Cat Food We occasionally offer canned cat food. We do not endorse specific brands because each “recipe” within a brand is different.

Dry kibble We do NOT offer any kibble to our cats. Here is a good article to reference on the danger of kibble to cats.