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Cattery Costs

Maybe you want to know, or maybe you already get it, but we’ve told you we are transparent, so we want to help you understand WHY our cats are priced the way they are…PS this list will keep growing over time.

  1. Cost of purchasing a breeding cat = $3000-5000+ per cat AND an average of 40-300 hours of time to research, locate, communicate, travel to get each cat.
  2. Supplies– food, litter, litter boxes, medication, toys, treats, beds, scratching posts, climbing trees, grooming supplies, special showing supplies…this list could go forever and the needs never end.
  3. Showing– supplies have run well over $3000 to be prepared for showing! Entry fees, travel, hotel rooms, meals, professional photos, etc. The average show can cost around $1000 or more when all is said and done.
  4. Home modifications– we’ve already made quite a few modifications to our home including a female/kitten room, male room, cat shelves on our walls, and so much more- this all costs money to make sure our cats are in a safe, fun, sanitary environment. Not to mention, we’ve given up every area of our home to the cats, sacrificing our own comforts for those of our cats.
  5. Time– when we are not working our full time jobs and caring for our son- we are cleaning, grooming, inspecting, modifying, cuddling, playing, showing, and caring for our cats. We don’t go out of town ever really, we don’t do some of the things we’d like with friends and family and we make many sacrifices so our cats may have the best from us. This is something that won’t ever be “repaid” and we give it freely to the cats.
  6. Veterinary costs | Health testing– we see the vet quite regularly and usually tend to average about $300/visit- keeping the cats healthy is the biggest priority for us! Genetic health testing is sent to Optimal Selections and runs $200 per cat. In addition, there are bi-annual heart echocardiograms performed on each cat with an added cost of $250 per cat.
  7. Registration– there are annual fees due for being a registered cattery with TICA and CFA and then costs to register each litter.
  8. Cat Clubs– we are very active members of both the CFA MoKan Club AND the TICA Kansas City Cat Club. There are annual dues as well as huge donations of time and resources to host cat shows each year.

We hope this has been just a little bit eye opening and helps you see the WHYs behind our pricing. If you ever have any more questions regarding our pricing, we are very happy to answer them!